Weekend Cottage idea / AnuAzu by JRKVC

The AnuAzu is a yurt-style lakeside house in Vojka by Bratislava-based architect Peter Jurkovič. The portable homes of the Mongolian nomads provided inspiration for an elaborate house on a lake in Slovakia’s Danube lowlands.

Architects: JRKVC
Location: Vojka nad Dunajom, Slovakia
Photography: Peter Jurkovič

A young married couple, captivated by the oval space of a traditional yurt, long for a weekend cottage for themselves and the cages of their creative studio. At the same time, however, they need space for other daily necessities. We go beyond the original idea of ​​an additive approach and choose the opposite approach.

The wall as a room.

Instead of supplementing the primary mass with other objects, we cut out the necessary spaces into a pragmatic block. We are inspired by historical castles.

A central room with a diameter of 5.60 meters in a rectangle. In this way, the volume remains compact and the gusset spaces created thanks to the cladding are able to accommodate all those functions that could impair the spatial experience and the concentration of the round living space.