Rooftop Extension ideas / Forest House Transformation in Hengelo

Hidden in the forest in Hengelo, Netherlands, Bloot Architecture has added a sculptural, compact, and sustainable rooftop extension on the top of an existing 1950s holiday house.

The extension is situated within the original structure and feels like a secluded treehouse, almost entirely constructed out of timber, with flax insulation and all facades and roofing will be covered with untreated Larch cladding.

Athens rooftop Hut by deltArCHI 3

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Athens rooftop Hut by deltArCHI

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The new addition offers space for two bedrooms and a landing with a wash table, which provides access to the existing roof. The exterior and interior are tailor-fit designed for the functions and usage, the beds and storage space are built-in so no further furniture will be needed.

Photography by Jeroen Musch