Casa Francisco Ramos Pinto / Álvaro Leite Siza

The organization of the space produces a rational articulation of volumes, unified by a figurative and organic cover that gives unity to the house and also provides a variety of ceilings, creating the desired changes of scale inside.

The rhythmic openings attribute intimacy and security, carefully controlling the light and visual threads, optimizing the house environment, in this climate of accentuated thermal amplitudes.
The constructive system is summed up in a concrete structural wall, airbox with thermal insulation, and double brick wall.

The exterior walls are painted white with a granite base. The opening of spans is made according to the traditional scheme on the surface of the walls, with wooden frames. The coverings are flat, of concrete slab, waterproofing canvas, thermal insulation, and granite plating.
The interior walls are plastered and painted white, except for the sanitary installations and kitchen which are covered up to two meters with washable material, probably marble.