Prefab house ideas / Muuwspace

Muuw is an incredibly unique pre-built modular cabin, with delivery and installation all over Europe, each Muuw space boasts modern interiors and vast, panoramic views.

Starting at $32,000, the one-room escape is distinct in its hexagonal plan, a shape borrowed from natural patterns–Beehives and carbon structures in human cells are the same–It makes it seem like a larger space.

That three of its six walls are floor-to-ceiling glass enhances that effect—and creates a deeper connection with the surrounds, whether that’s a remote piece of property or a backyard garden.

The glass uses insulated glazing from Saint-Gobain with metallic blue external reflection—it allows for privacy and has great solar control.

Interior finishes come in a few options, but here, used oak laminate for the ceiling and walls. Heated vinyl flooring is an option, and for added comfort and convenience, more features include dimmable ceiling lights, wall-integrated speakers, electrical sockets in the walls and the floor, and an air conditioning module.

MuuwSpace really functions when it’s placed so that the windows are directed toward the sea, a lake, fields, a forest, or the mountains. The cabin is meant to work anywhere, even in a city, for example, your backyard, it has great sound insulation so that a lively scene becomes an ambient backdrop to a work or relaxation session.

The building is developed in the factory and can be delivered to your chosen installation site in separate pieces, and provides a sense of calm that you will never have experienced before.