Rural Retreat / Cercal House by Atelier Data

Embeds itself into the pastoral landscape in Alentejo, Portugal, the Cercal House is a fancy white geometry following to the sloped terrain and the water line.

Architects: Atelier Data
Location: Cercal do Alentejo, Portugal
Photography: Richard John Seymour

Inspired by archetypal architecture, the house provides a modern take on familiar forms.

Introduction of patios as light-enhancing element and reflection in the interior, doubling the exterior spaces with a more intimate vocation; Functional program distribution considers the social area as the center of the house, around which is organized the remaining program of more restricted access.

Intensification of the relationship between interior and exterior by extending the roof and projecting a platform that comes from the social area and is topped by a water plan – a tank that builds the platform boundary; Mediation between interior and exterior space through the introduction of a transition space – the porch.