Panorama Gallery Pilatus Kulm by Graber & Steiger

Riding on the mountain ridge between the two summits of Oberhaupt and Esel, the Panorama Gallery Pilatus Kulm is a concrete glazing building with a surface close to the limestone of the Pilatus massif.

Architects: Graber & Steiger Architekten
Location: Mount Pilatus, Kriens, Switzerland
Photographs: Dominique Marc Wehrli, Franz Rindlisbacher for RUCH

The Lucerne based architectural practice Niklaus Graber & Christoph Steiger Architekten have created an ultimate panoramic experience, a hovering between heaven and earth.

The polygonal, meandering planform but also the gentle modulation on average is the spatial strategy to generate full of character, specific places and to create smooth transitions between artificial and natural landscape.

The daring construction, with its large span in the interior and mighty overhanging, the 1,000 sqm hall include a bar and a shop in the center of this building.

Inspiration from architect:

The catchy, crystalline acting silhouette of Mount Pilatus is taken in the draft for the new Panorama Gallery and developed in architectural form. Subtly, the new fitting by alpine scenery hugs and develops artificial topography between the existing buildings and the prominent outcrops of Pilate Summit.