Salt Point House by Thomas Phifer and Partners

Perched on a nine-acre wooded parcel in New York Hudson Valley, the Salt Point house is a cube weekend getaway with a screened-in porch seemingly dissolving into the surrounding forested landscape.

Architects: Thomas Phifer and Partners
Location: Salt Point, New York, USA
Photographs: Scott Frances

Designed for a Manhattan couple, this 200 sqm house is a wood-framed, stained cedar box punctured with skylights and lined in maple plywood, and overlaid on two long sides with perforated corrugated-stainless-steel skin.

Includes two bedrooms and baths, a bunk study room, and a large open living area.

Inspiration from architect:

the rippled screens, veils of stainless steel, simultaneously hide and reveal, filtering readings out to the landscape and in to the structure’s pure volumes, its solids, shadows, and flickering voids. At once deep and lightly layered, both transparent and opaque, the perforated metal cloak registers muted reflections of the surroundings in seasonal flux.