Monte Rosa Hut by Bearth & Deplazes

New Monte Rosa Hut is a five-story modern shelter built in the shadow of the Matterhorn and is Alpine hikers’ new lodge. With its aluminum sheath and asymmetric polygonal shape, the completely new building looks like a contemporary version of a medieval donjon.

Architects: Bearth & Deplazes Architekten AG
Location: Zermatt, Switzerland
Photography: Paulo dos Sousa

Inspiration from architect:

Con­tem­por­ary ver­sion of a me­di­eval don­jon: Five-story wood con­struc­tion made from pre­fab­ric­ated frame ele­ments. The isol­ated moun­tain loc­a­tion man­dates the greatest pos­sible self-suf­fi­ciency. The am­bi­val­ence between a sense of se­cur­ity and be­ing ex­posed defines the build­ing’s struc­ture: be­low are the com­munal areas with sur­round­ing rib­bon glaz­ing, above the closed sleep­ing quar­ters. The cas­cad­ing spiral stair­way opens pan­or­ama views when as­cend­ing, fol­lows the course of the sun, cap­tures the solar ir­ra­di­ation, and dis­trib­utes the warmth of the sun throughout the en­tire house.

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