Maiden Bedroom Tower by marte.marte Architekten

Adjacent to the main concrete house with a surrounding pear tree and a green landscape, the “Maiden Tower” is an independent castle designed for the owner’s 3 young daughters.

Comprised of ground level and three bedrooms, this 4-story tower is clad in oxidized steel and complemented by an in-ground pool. Inside is wood surfaces with warm colors.

Architects: marte.marte Architekten
Location: Dafins, Vorarlberg, Austria
Photography: Marc Lins, Anne Gabriel-Jürgens for HÄUSER-AWARDS

Through the library, down a few steps into the separate kitchen, and then through the dining room, facing the pool, the little princesses can climb the newel stairs to their bedrooms.

Inspiration from architect:

may be inspired by the tale of the Trojan horse. A new space opens up between the two buildings, complemented by an in-ground pool – uncompromising, hard, less sensible, but therefore all the more magical, idiosyncratic, and sensuous. Oxidizing steel on the walls and bottom, encased like in a suit of armor.