Landscape Laboratory by Cannatá & Fernandes

Located in Veiga de Creixomil southwest of the historic city center of Guimarães, the Landscape Laboratory is a new building reconstructed from an old factory in a national nature reserve.

Architects: Cannatá & Fernandes
Location: Guimarães, Portugal
Photographs: Luis Ferreira Alves

Porto-based architecture firm Cannatá & Fernandes won the competition through add a series of saw-tooth white concrete roofs at the same time taking close relation to the existing buildings.

Inside is the spatial character of the factory typology: an open and bright space ready to embrace the new uses and demands, the division of the different functional modules follows the structure of the roofs in order to establish a balance between the different spaces with the structure of the preexistence.

Inspiration from architect:

The proposal aims to recover the architectural character of the existing building and at the same time, with the new roof and the volumetric reconstructions, affirm the indisputable contemporaneity of a rehabilitated building.