Gumno House in Croatia by Idis Turato

Located in Risika, a small village in the northeastern of Krk island, the Gumbo House is a summer house built based on a well-preserved old gumbo (threshing floor).

Architects: Idis Turato
Location: Risika, Croatia
Photographs: Ivan Dorotić, Sandro Lendler, Maja Bosnić, Igor Crnković

Surrounded by a vegetable garden and orchard together with the circular dry stone wall, the house provides tranquility and calm private use of the vacation house, but, and also easily transformed into a series of gathering spots for a large number of people.

The house is characterized by a large triangular structure terrace deck that connects three completely different contents: a massive, rustic cellar; a spacious glazed living room intended for the family; and a big pool with an indispensable view of the sea.

Inspiration from architect:

This heterogeneous spatial composition, seen within the context of organization of the new house and a plethora of possibilities of its use, creates unexpected places of strong impressions and different experiences.

Such a heterogeneous and spatially diverse program resulted in a house which assembles, blends, and compresses three different ambiances.