Hill House by Paan architects

Situated in the suburb of Dionisos on the foot of the Mount Pentelicus, the Hill house is an understated single-family residence nestling in beautiful pine forest and a fine carpet of Mediterranean shrubbery.

Architects: Paan architects
Location: Dionisos, Athens, Greece
Photographs: Yiannis Hadjiaslanis, Courtesy of Paan

The inclinations of the roof are designed after studying the sun path so that we would make the most of the solar gain in winter and have full shade in summer.

Through subtract parts of the solid mass, forming voids that blur the limits and create new relations.

Inspiration from architect:

Our aim was to create a house that reflects the character of the given lot, while maintaining the utmost respect for the natural surroundings. we create a more landscape-like house easy to integrate to the site. The house mimics the landscape and tries to camouflage itself becoming the extrusion of the natural clearing between the different clusters of trees.