House in Kodaira / Airhouse Design Office

A house for couples and twins in Kodaira, Tokyo. In this plan, although it was a simple building, it felt strange in a good sense, and it was requested that it be STRANGE in a good sense. Therefore, in the floor plan, diagonal lines were used a lot, and in the cross-section, steps were used a lot.

Architects: Airhouse Design Office
Location: Kodaira, Tokyo
Photography: Toshiyuki Yano

However, it is not just random, and even if it is a slanted wall, this shape is designed as a rational plane by designing it with dimensions divisible by 303 mm, 455 mm, and 910 mm, observing the scale of the wooden shakkanho method. It is composed. In addition, by partitioning the wall diagonally, it is intended that the inner wall can be conveniently secured as much as possible to secure storage and workspace and that the shadow of light and the experience of space cannot be produced at a right angle are created.

While the outer wall can secure the necessary space such as green space and get on and off the car, the proportion of the building caused by the diagonal becomes the geometry peculiar to this house. Creating a step creates a change in the line of sight at each floor level while contributing to the gradual division of each spatial area. Furthermore, the step makes it possible to sit down, and it also functions as a device that creates communication while sitting in various places.

And there are 3m high plants at the entrance, slanted floors and walls, white concrete kitchens, large custom windows, jagged lighting, and much more, but the colorful curtains the client chose. With the addition of furniture and wallpaper, we aim to create a STRANGE yet orderly space. Also, on the 2nd floor, private rooms are connected by a bridge, and even though it is called a bridge, the width is widened to the extent that it can be used as a workspace or a hobby space. It seems that you can use it as if it were a second living room because you can feel the connection with your family in terms of the cross-section.

As a result, I think that the elements for creating STRANGE have become rich housing that exists as something that causes various HAPPY events while having rationality.