Cliff House in Tamariu by Jordi Garcés

Located on a very steep cliff between the Tamariu and Aigua Blava, Surrounding by rocks and a rough Mediterranean nature, Silver House is a 450 sqm mansion designed by catalan architect Jordi Garcés for himself.

Spend their down-time, Jordi Garcés and his wife Nuria Amat have created a magnificent house on an ‘impossible building site’- the steep cliffs, narrow access and deep coves cutting into the mountain.

Architects: Jordi Garcés / GARCÉS – DE SETA – BONET Arquitectos
Location: Tamariu, Girona, Spain
Photography: Jordi Miralles, Duccio Malagamba

Cliff House in Tamariu by Jordi Garces 03

Cliff House in Tamariu by Jordi Garces 04

Cliff House Swimming Pool in Tamariu by Jordi Garces 05

The couple live in the house during the summer months and also spend many weekends here, the distance from Barcelona to the quiet fishing village is about 80 km.

Cliff House in Tamariu by Jordi Garces 12

Cliff House in Tamariu by Jordi Garces 13

The L-shape house is composed total of four floors, each with a private terrace, the inside is like a cube filled with light, the rock penetrates into the bedroom with the nature.

Cliff House Bedroom in Tamariu by Jordi Garces 14

Inspiration from architect:

The house is like a boat stranded on cliffs, which also retains it on location. However, they have also caused some damage to the building.

This idea is reflected in the bedrooms downstairs. Here you can see a sharp cut to have exploded into the room, creating the impression of having torn up a large Hali hull of the “boat”. The rock becomes a part of the wall. Against this ancient aged background is a freestanding bath, just three steps away from the bed. It is positioned so that the person lying in it can only see the blue: the blue the sky and the blue Sea.