XAN House Xangrilá by Mapa Arquitetos

Located in a private neighborhood in Xangrilá (the name came from Shangri-la in the mountains of Tibet), a little town in the city northern coast of Rio Grand Do Sul, the XAN is a single-family residence as a summer house.

Architects: Mapa Arquitetos
Location: Xangrilá, Rio Grand Do Sul, Brazil
Photography: Leonardo Finotti

Designed for a family of Porto Alegre, built-in condo Cove Lake with a rectangular plan, the house is marked by a gable concrete access on the upper floor which seems to balance the two smaller sides.

Inspiration from architect:

This self-imposed condition to play a key project and proposal. Socializing at floor level, private life separate and isolated. The separation is simple. Filters and visual content expansion space for rooms and maximum contact with the environment and spaces that extend throughout the field, on the ground floor. Antagonistic and complementary set of spaces and experiences.