White Dormitory For Il Vento by CASE-REAL

Located in a village on Teshima, an island lying in the Seto Inland Sea, architect Koichi Futatsumata has transformed a long-abandoned traditional-style wooden house into a modern dormitory for the restaurant staff of Il Vento.

Architects: Koichi Futatsumata / CASE-REAL
Location: Teshima, Kagawa, Japan
Photographs: Hiroshi Mizusaki

Avoiding arbitrary changes to the exterior but creating new interior spaces, the existing exterior wall facing the lane was left untouched, and all the furnishings and courtyard are reconstructed using various white materials.

The Interior space is comprised of three private rooms and a lounge, and a small courtyard set in the middle. The huge white terrace linked by a lounge realizes the open space with a sense of relief and freedom.

Inspiration from architects:

In Japan, white is not only a symbol of new beginning, but the sacred color representing purity, innocence, and peace.To insert new elements without disturbing the surrounding landscape of the village which remains unchanged from the old days.