Villa Kerckebosch by Engel Architecten

Located in a new residential area in the eastern part of Zeist, Villa Kerckebosch is a modern detached house surrounded by pinewood and is adjacent to a newly created open moorland.

Architects: Engel Architecten
Location: Zeist, Utrecht, Netherlands
Photographs: Marcel van der Burg / Primabeeld

This two-story residence has strong vertical and horizontal curves and is placed on a deck that seems to hover above the ground. Through the high glass façades, the surrounding landscape becomes part of the inside space.

Inspiration from architect:

The design of this house is inspired by the wooded area and the character of the moor. The soft and natural shades of the brickwork and the stronger colors of the frames tried the design too well to let close to the atmosphere of the forest with all the different shades of brown and gray trunks, the pastel colors of the moor and sandy colors of the bottom.