Ripples House in Ibaragi by Kichi Architectural Design

Located in Tsukuba-Mirai City, Ibaragi which is renowned for its cherry blossoms, about an hour’s drive from Tokyo, Ripples House is a unique white residence that consists of three outer walls that look like the ripples on the surface of the river.

Architects: Kichi Architectural Design
Location: Tsukuba-Mirai, Ibaragi, Japan
Photography: Ippei Shinzawa

Inspiration from architect:

In designing the house, I attached great importance to its relationship with the cherry blossoms.

The facade which consists of three white outer walls, is suggestive of triple ripples on the surface of the river. It is a house that enables its residents to live closely with the cherry trees which manifest all kinds of expressions with the changing of the seasons in Japan.