N°1 Series by Filippo Pisan for De Castelli

Created by Italian Artist & Designer Filippo Pisan, the N°1 Series have three houses: together they form a small village made contiguous by tilting roofs.

Designer: Filippo Pisa
Manufacturer: De Castelli

Cottage n°1 is the result of a work of formal simplification where the aesthetic result is a direct expression of the functionality and the optimization of the materials.

A new way to consider the classical cottage-box room outdoors with a minimal design.

Nest n.1 is a new way to consider the typical birdhouse, created as a declination of the Cottage n°1 for our friends of the sky.

Dog house n°1 is a new way of considering the classical “house” for our four-legged friends, born as a declination of the n°1.