MS Private House by Martiat + Durnez Architectes

Located in a rural area with fine landscapes of Huccorgne, Liège architects Fx Martiat and Sibrine Durnez have created a boxy single-family residence for a couple with two children.

Architects: Martiat + Durnez Architectes
Location: Huccorgne, 4520 Wanze, Belgium
Photographs: Marie-Françoise Plissart, Courtesy of Martiat + Durnez

The MS Private House nestles partially in the ground to keep the 3-meter embankment at street level. The levels overlay each other, staggered according to the functions, to blend in with the existing relief.

The cantilevered construction of the upper part avoids cutting into the plot on three levels. The house manages to embrace the landscape thanks to its simple and massive volumetry.