Gartmann House by Aschwanden Schürer Architekten

Embedded in steep terrain on the mountain of Sargans, the Gartmann House is a single-family residence with prismatic structure and in-section trapezoidal warped.

Architects: Aschwanden Schürer Architekten
Location: Sargans, Switzerland
Photographs: Franz Rindlisbacher

The particular slope with a very different view of the landscape of the St. Gallen Rhine Valley in each room is noticeable.

Inspiration from architect:

Inside the building to each other in plan and section shifted rooms are arranged around a four-barreled, central staircase, always referred to these and connected to each other through this; the openness of the living spaces opposite the stairs firstly gives standing in contrast to the outer sparseness inner generosity of the building.