Myrtle Cottage Garden Studio by Stonewood Design

Embedded in a steep slope in Conkwell, east of Bath, the Myrtle Cottage Garden Studio is a 29 sqm small building that serves as space to work, sew, play guitar, sleep, or as a hidden to observe the woodland wildlife.

Architects: Stonewood Design
Location: Conkwell, Wiltshire, England
Photographs: Jo Chambers

Built natural forms of shelter on the site, the Garden Studio is clad in pre-patinated copper to blend with the natural colors of the landscape.

The intensively planted roof disappears into the flora of its surroundings. The walls become stone garden walls which retain the undulating level changes on the site.

A rough sawn timber panels storage wall incorporates a sofa bed, a wood burner, and cupboards. The windows located on the front elevation maximize fantastic and framed views of the surrounding countryside.

Inspiration from architects:

The key driver to achieving the brief was to create a design which worked seamlessly with the natural forms and levels of the garden, in order that an architecture is created which is less of a building, and more of a landscape.