Blue Hills House by la SHED architecture

Located on the edge of a slope in the Laurentian Mountains, the Blue Hills House is covered with natural white cedar siding which will be even more noticeable behind the bark of the surrounding forest.

The inside is all organized around the kitchen, which is characterized by the presence of two large kitchen islands which are functional as well as create a convivial ambiance.

Architects: la SHED architecture
Location: Morin-Heights, Quebec, Canada
Photography: Maxime Brouillet

Inspiration from architect:

In order to create an inconspicuous house in the landscape, the house was conceived all on the same level. The simple and elongated volume of the house is punctuated with perforations forming white alcoves in which were installed the windows.

Large openings on both sides of the house helps giving a feeling of being outside while creating frames on the landscape.