Asahicho Clinic by HKL Studio

Located in a residential area near Tokyo, Asahicho Clinic is not so much a medical center, as it is a home-like open space.

Architects: HKL Studio – Hikalu Tanabe Architect Studio
Location: Chiba, Japan
Photographs: Shinkenchiku-sha, Tetsu Hiraga

The L-shaped building has a dynamic facade with several processes that allow to let the natural light come inside, while at the same time keeping the privacy of visitors.


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The typical house-shape facade also give a more familiar image of the building to the visitors. Meanwhile, the recesses creates a strong relation between the external natural environment and the interior space.

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The roof gets gradually higher until the center of the building, which produces spaces with right proportions, from a cozy entrance to a double height space for waiting.

On the 1st floor all clinical examination rooms placed here to facilitate the elderly and disabled people, and the service spaces for the staff members are situated at the 2nd floor.

Inspiration from architects:

This project is intended to establish an “open” clinic for the local area. The Idea is, that in the future the residents can visit their family doctor in this building, as opposed to the specialized medical service in the university hospital.

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