Farmhouse Renovation ideas / Song House by AZL Architects

Situated in a rural plot of Nansongcun, China, Song House is a three-story residential that smartly accommodates the accessibility needs of the four generations that reside within it.

Architects: AZL Architects
Location: Nansongcun, Fengxian, Shanghai, China
Photography: Yao li

The concrete house’s striking all-white facade is characterized by an external ramp that wraps itself around the house, allowing for wheelchair access to the second stories.

The patio is an important element in the traditional Chinese residential culture. It is both the center of life and the center of the spirit. Through the patio, you can feel the unity of man and nature and architecture.

Five bedrooms splay outwards from this central space, facing in different directions in order to provide an element of independence for each resident. The interior follows a muted palette of greys and beiges, presented through materials such as wood, bamboo, and concrete, whilst small openings in the walls provide natural light and air and break up the house’s unadorned facade.

The past 40 years of rapid urbanization in China witnessed the hollowing-out evolution in the disappearance of millions of natural villages. As an ecological protector, cultural heritage, and a highly livable environment, rural settlements have been underestimated and neglected in its resourcefulness and values. The natural humanistic values of rural settlements need to be reactivated through the new product cycle and lifestyle. Shanghai, having the highest GDP in China and being a world-famous metropolis, is also facing difficulties and conflicts between its urban and suburban composition. Those living in the city are constantly under the pressure of high living costs when the declining of rural communities and human settlements in suburbs is happening at the same time.

Zhang lei – Founder of AZL architects