MR House by Pedro Sousa TMA
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MR House by Pedro Sousa TMA

Situated on the boundary in an urban expansion area of ​​the city of Beja, the MR House is a smooth and slick residence standing out from a set of townhouses overlooking the fantastic views over farm fields that surround this town.

Architects: Pedro Sousa TMA
Location: Beja, Portugal
Photography: FG+SG



The roof of the house is punctuated by two vertical elements that allow the entrance of natural lighting. Backyard has a swimming pool and a sliding door.


Inspiration from architect:

Given its site, the parcel 48 allows us to create different points of view of the exterior. This way, it is proposed a house with different fronts, following the same logic of uniformity. The pendant of the ground conditions the entrance of the house by the main street since it has a leveling difference between the front and the back of the house.

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