© Weiqi Jin


Situated in a narrow alleyway in Heshun Ancient Town of Tengchong, ANNSO Hill is a restoration design project for a cutting-edge boutique hotel.

Architects: Studio QI
Location: Yunnan, China
Photography: Weiqi Jin

The site is composed of two characteristically different lot spaces forming an inverted“L-shape“, which begins with a compressed street-front zone on a steep slope, and ends on a long serene hillside aligned with beautiful tall trees.

The roof is pressed against the hill, providing an open space for the public. The entranceway cuts through the roofs and leads the hotel to another world.

This tilting geometry also adds a new trajectory of complex relationship that is perpendicular to the linear street, which connects both visually and spatially with the town and the“hidden” hill by a sequence of living conditions.

All rooms are unique in their formal reactions to site specifications and their particularly exclusive axis of view. An architectural operation of 2.5-dimensional spatial strategy is introduced to identify specific visual movements and programmatic performances within each space.

The walls in rooms being strategically tiled and slightly sculpted, permits spatial extensions and visual movements, enabling light and shadows to play within the times of the day.