White Loft hid at Black House by Christoffer Pilgaard

Located in Helsinge in eastern Denmark, Christoffer Pilgaard created a single-level family house clad with a black wood facade and metal sloping roofs, the most impressive is the interior – a minimalist open loft space connected through two short stairs.

Architects: Christoffer Pilgaard
Location: Helsinge, Denmark
Photographs: Rasmus Hjortshøj

The building is two different heights volumes connected together and constructed along the slope terrain, thus ensuring the internal space of the double-height ceilings.

Different living spaces are placed at different heights: the kitchen and dining area in the middle layer, then the bedroom is arranged on top, and the ground becomes the leisure and children’s area.

The entire interior is a combination of mainly white walls and wooden floors, while untreated wood material also extends to the stair treads.