Studio for an Artist by Ashley Cox Architect

Perched on a southeast sloping site of the Bluff Hill, the purpose-built studio of New Zealand contemporary artist Martin Poppelwell is simple but charming.

Built along the stepped topography, the studio is a three level building in the garden, adjacent to his small cottage. Inside is filled by natural light from south-facing skylights and large sliding windows.

Architects: Ashley Cox Architect
Location: Napier, New Zealand
Photography: Richard Brimer, Paul McCredie

Inspiration from architect:

From the street, the building reads as pure sculptural form. Windows are eliminated, orienting the building inward. The ‘hinging’ of the roof plane facilitates admission and emission of light depending on the time of day.

A subtle balance is achieved between diffuse and reflected light. Translucent south facing skylights invite diffuse light, reflected off the ceiling to wash the walls, while the large windows opposite balance this with the colours of the illuminated garden.