Onico Hair and Nail / Ryo Isobe

Japanese hair and nail salon Onico has been given a forest-inspired design featuring birch trees and other woodland aesthetics.Designed by Japanese architect Ryo Isobe, the space emulates a woodland filled with hidden trinkets and objects to discover.

Interiors: Ryo Isobe
Location: Osaka, Japan

Onico Hair and Nail  Ryo Isobe 17




onico hair&nail is a hair salon with nail service shop in Japan. Our client likes DIY,making mirror,object,furniture and so on. We think the space where it had the place where it is possible to hang many objects.

So we made the space as if it is a treasure hunt in the woods. Birch trees are dotted around the space, amongst a styling area containing assorted chairs and mirrors.

A mixture of lanterns, chandeliers and bare light bulbs are suspended from the ceiling, while fairy lights are strung up beside a cluster of artificial ivy in the kids room.

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