House Arabellagasse / Sue Architekten

House Arabellagasse is a detached single family home from the interwar years had been renovated with much intuition a few years back at the owner’s initiative.

Architects: Sue Architekten
Location: Wien, Austria
Photographs: Hertha Hurnaus

The House of the interwar period had already been renovated a few years ago on their own with tact. The family was larger and a disadvantage of the house was now urgent to be solved: the missing link to the garden.

Now there are 50㎡ of additional living space lightweight point-footings. Elongated follows the building of the sloping terrain to the garden. With the occasional ups, it is possible to preserve the old trees completely. The roof collapsed onto the street on, lets the afternoon sun in the winter months deep in the annex and protects the sunny roof terrace from view from the street. If necessary, can be removed with a wet area west-facing room.

The wood for the interior staircase was on site and was further used the flügelgeglättete monolithic concrete floor to match the existing house, the simple, unspectacular architectural language continued.