Casa Klotz in Chile by Mathias Klotz

Situated in the vicinity of Tongoy on a beach the north of Santiago, Casa Klotz is a two-story wooden box creat by Chilean architect Mathias Klotz for his mother in 1991.

Designed as a low-cost dwelling that requires little maintenance, this beach house was Mathias Klotz’s first project, a 6 x 6 x 12-meter rectangle box clad with timber boards.

Architects: Mathias Klotz
Location: Playa grande, Tongoy, Chile
Photography: Roland Halbe

Inspiration from architect:

The powerful contrast between the house and its surroundings is what defines the building. The fine white carpentry, the openings in the wall, the added and subtracted features, the interplay between the proportions, the horizontal lines of the wooden sealing fillets on the facades are all touches aimed at producing a detailed close-up effect in contrast with the panorama of the surroundings and the abstraction of the building itself.