Artist Studio and House by anako architecture

Located on a hillside with a magnificent view of the valley in the heights of Vernamiège, Grimisuat-based architect Olivier Cheseaux has built a house and studio for Swiss painter Tom Bluhm.

Architects: Olivier Cheseaux / anako architecture
Location: Vernamiège, Mont-Noble, Switzerland
Photography: Thomas Jantscher

This is a two-story wooden box set on a concrete base with a fully glazed south facade, the entire building is open plan to allow the artist to take ownership of the place, the views, and spaces according to his wishes, his inspirations.

Inspiration from architect:

Work, life and passion in the same place has been the basis of this project. Part-residential workshop is in the story, the artist can at once live, sleep, create … a subtle blend of passion and daily …