Ocean Space Center by Snøhetta
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Ocean Space Center by Snøhetta

关于挪威海洋空间中心(Ocean Space Center)的故事说三天都说不完的,但是不妨碍我们为Snøhetta的建筑思想Mir*的妙笔生花所折服。



In September 2011 the documentation for the concept evaluation of the Ocean Space Centre was submitted to the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Various alternatives to meet the overall vision were studied, among which the Board of MARINTEK suggested building of a new research infrastructure at Tyholt in Trondheim combined with an innovation centre for ocean space technology in the harbour district of the city. The project is now subject to independent quality assurance by the Ministry of Finance before final decision concerning which alternative that will be further developed and built.–Sintef.no


Ocean Space Center项目由挪威最大的非盈利研究机构SINTEF旗下MARINTEK提出的宏伟构想, 2010年名为”Ocean Space Centre: The future knowledge centre”的报告提交挪威贸易和工业部。但是经过漫长的评估,挪威政府部门最终决定先别这么激进,在Trondheim先建一个其貌不扬的Ocean Space Center(下图),到2020年再逐步实施。

* Mir是一家很小的工作室,位于挪威西海岸,他们所做的事业被形容为“为未被建成的建筑肖像(Portraits of unbuilt architecture)”,2000年开始从事这项工作。


Ocean Space Center:oceanspacecentre.no

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