USF São Lourenço / Oval Projetos

Architects: Oval Projetos
Location: Braga, Portugal
Photography: Fernando Guerra, FG+SG

Health equipment marked by the east river and local equipment was designed. The volume represents a contemporary language that dialogues with the surroundings and at the same time becomes a space for public use.

Given the terrain presented, with few constraints and with slightly uneven topography, the approach was not configured around the resolution of problems of connection or framing in the mesh, but in the creation of an idea and concept that the building could carry. Thus, taking into account the diversity of the surroundings and the absence of obvious constraints, the objective was to find an architectural key. The word we wanted to design was KEY – because the territory is diffuse, intricate, multidisciplinary and it is necessary to open up; because it is necessary to affirm, organize and refer to the surroundings; because it must be superimposed without imposing; because its function is agglutinating; because it is intended to give a new contemporary image; because his aim is to serve and be useful; because it should be easy to use.