Telfair Studio by Peterson Rich Office

Built on a rural site overlooking the Connecticut River, the Telfair Studio is a small, freestanding painting studio space, toward a lone grove of river birch trees.

Architects: Peterson Rich Office
Location: Lyme, Connecticut, USA
Photographs: Kevin Kunstadt

Clad in vertical blackened cedar planks, and topped with an asymmetrical anodized aluminum roof, the building is supported by a cantilevered deck floating just above the tall native grasses.

Inside, there are mostly freestanding white walls and exposed pine boards, but offer calculated views of the outside without allowing direct sunlight to enter the space, these vertical openings frame a single view through the entire building.

Inspiration from architects:

We wondered whether the building could also evoke landscape, and express the resonance between the work being produced inside the studio, and the surrounding context. We created a deep-set shadowed eave, invoking the horizon, which is omnipresent in the artist’s work.