Kindergarten Enneberg / MARCH GUT

The existing kindergarten in Enneberg/ Commune de Marebbe, a municipality in the South Tyrolean Dolomites with around 3000 inhabitants, was rebuilt and enriched with a nursery. In cooperation with Architekt Andreas Gruber, MARCH GUT developed the concept for interior and furniture.

Architects: MARCH GUT
Location: Mareo, Italy
Photography: Gustav Willeit

From the well-thought-out room planning to the inviting design language and a pleasant choice of colors and materials to functional details such as the specially designed furniture: The armchairs and tables in two sizes are ergonomic in shape, made of solid oak wood, and practically stackable.

The large group rooms are open and spacious and therefore offer flexible usage options in everyday life, but also enough space for family celebrations or parents’ evenings and so on. In each room, two large multifunctional boxes form a counterpoint to the open areas and serve as playhouses, cuddly caves, reading corners, or climbing towers. The cubes made of local larch solid wood with a side length of 1.80m can be moved and are equipped in different ways:

The inside of the reading box is covered with cushioning felt in soothing blue and has benches, bookshelves, and cushions.
The white workbox offers space for creativity. With work surfaces and storage compartments, it becomes a play kitchen or workbench, painting room, or market stall.
The active box is equipped with a climbing wall and viewing platform and invites you to exercise in stimulating orange.

Circular cutouts in the doors and boxes are reminiscent of caves, game groups, and community. The pleasant design language combined with calm colors and pleasant materials makes the Enneberg kindergarten a place where children can enjoy themselves and develop.