Chalet Transhumance by Noe Duchaufour Lawrance

Perched on a slope of the Three Valleys in Savoie, the Chalet Transhumance is a mountain hut made of wood and stone overlooking a stunning natural landscape of France Alps.

Architects: Noe Duchaufour Lawrance
Location: St Martin de Belleville, France
Photography: Vincent Leroux

With the help of architects Emilia Mureau and Lluc Giros, Designer and interior architect Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has transformed a former refuge into a comfortable home.

This is a set of lines and organic forms composed around a wooden ribbon, the central point of the chalet is a concrete chimney and fireplace in the lounge area, it’s the culmination of this giant spiral.

Inspiration from architect:

Far from the geometric construction methods of a traditional chalet, the interior architecture of this family home is a domestic landscape whose forms emerge from the ground like small functional mountains rising from a valley.