CARAMELLA Counter Sofa and CARAMELLA Series by Hirashima

The CARAMELLA counter sofa is a mixed-use solid oak sofa by Japanese furniture manufacturer Hirashima. It is a part of CARAMELLA Series and the counter sofa and tables sofa was united. The CARAMELLA series also including high sofa + counter shelf, sofa + low shelf, living table and dining table.

Hirashima Counter sofa Positive

Hirashima Counter sofa oblique side

Hirashima Counter sofa TV

Hirashima Counter sofa Unite

From the designer:

Its shape is not until now, produces a way to spend the new living-dining.
PC can while watching television is nice.
If you are a family of kids, while watching from behind your child is viewing your favorite show on the couch,
You can a little work at the counter, dad, mom enjoy a hobby……

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