Leiria House / Aires Mateus
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Leiria House / Aires Mateus

A white minimalistic house by Manuel Aires Mateus in the outskirts of Leiria ,Portugal.This ethereal white house acts as a mystical object in its environment and projects its otherworldliness onto its surroundings.

Architects: Manuel Aires Mateus
Location: Leiria, Portugal
Photographs: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra







The private area has a private patio in the middle. Meanwhile, the social area such as living room and dining room are situated on the upper level. By exploring not too large space for the building, the architect explored the underground floor more creatively. The private areas are at street level under the plot, around a central courtyard with rooms opening to private patios in a intimate environment. The living rooms are around a void, that collects light from above and gazes the castle at the city centre.

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