Ephemeral Gallery / GILLOT+GIVRY
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Ephemeral Gallery / GILLOT+GIVRY

Ephemeral Gallery is a small house by GILLOT+GIVRY collaboration with the artist Celia Gondol.

Architects: GILLOT+GIVRY
Location: Barran, Gers, France
Photographs: Courtesy of GILLOT+GIVRY

Ephemeral Gallery


Ephemeral by Celia Gondol

Ephemeral by GILLOT+GIVRY

From the architects:

The building appears to be a support to the artist. It forms a link between the work and the landscape and allows intervention in a natural artist by offering an alternative to a ” land-art ” approach . The unknown building, delivered without instructions , ask the artist to interpret space , inventing a possible operation .

The experience allows you to query the nature of architectural quality. His particular program, its small size , its temporary nature and the context of its creation make an object that escapes the usual criteria of judgment……


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