Alpe Furx / Baumschlager Eberle Architekten

The new ‘’Alpe Furx’’ presents itself as an ensemble of chalets and a restaurant. The main building houses a restaurant and a spacious sun terrace with seating for 100 people. The chalets anchor themselves into the hillside as two-story wooden buildings and offer the highest quality in alpine living. This includes a bedroom, an open living area with a kitchen and fireplace, as well as a sauna area, and an outside wooden bathtub on the balcony.

Architects: Baumschlager Eberle Architekten
Location: Furx, Austira
Photography: Marc Lins

Comprising a group of chalets and the main building, the key planning and design requirements for the new complex were careful treatment of the ground and the relationship between the structures, formal beauty, and high amenity values. The result is a small development comprising three groups of four buildings arranged in a naturalistic manner around a central space. The chalets follow the same basic model, using reflection and layering to add variety according to position and access route.

The main building promises carefully framed views of the mountains, valley, and nearby chapel – and in winter, of course, the ski slopes. Sited below the chalets, it preserves these views, ensuring clear vistas of the Alpine landscape. The restaurant and sun deck, on the other hand, are both clearly visible from the approach road.

The wood inside and out, and stunning views. The two-story wooden chalets, clad from top to bottom in larch shingles, are set back into the hillside. The roof design is emphasized by a skylight that showcases the heavens, while a large picture window on each floor offers views of the surrounding countryside. Inside, the entire shell is clad in light silver fir, providing a warm contrast to the outer skin, as does the furniture, designed in black-stained ash, and maple.

Whilst planning and during the building of the project, we were always careful to treat the natural surroundings with the respect it deserves. We have taken the natural aesthetics of the hills and reflected this in the beauty and comfort of our chalets.

Architekten Baumschlager Eberle

The restaurant building echoes these materials with its silver-fir interior, solid concrete core with the black, trowel-applied finish, maple, and black-stained ash. The chalets, which each comprise a bedroom, a generous living/dining space with a kitchen and wood-burning stove, a sauna, and an outdoor hot tub, offer premium spatial configuration on both floors. The two stories of the main building face west in a welcoming gesture; the restaurant and terrace provide seating for 120 people.

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