Zentrum Taufe St. Petri-Pauli by AFF Architekten

Zentrum Taufe St. Petri-Pauli is a redesign project by Berlin-based architect AFF, the center of baptism is the essential part of the construction of the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Eisleben, which has a baptismal church of Martin Luther.

Architects: AFF Architekten
Location: Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany
Photography: Frank Heinrich Müller

According to the central idea of the new center baptism in the historic parish church, the main motive of our design is the introduction of a new, strong soil in the growing city.

The new floor made ​​of surface concrete proposes a temporary bridge to the present and provides spatially connect the main parts of the room dar. choir and church hall are merged continuously.

In the center of the Church, at the intersection space of the choir and nave is the place of baptism. Here, the bottom plate opens circular and keeps a slight distance from the flowing water surface of the underlying new baptismal font. This living water is real visible and allows associations to a river in his stony bed.