YEH Wall Table by Kenyon Yeh For MENU

Created by Taiwan-based designer Kenyon Yeh for Danish design company MENU, the Yeh Wall Table is a clever and minimalistic side table made of powder-coated steel through a small folding design.

Designer: Kenyon Yeh
Manufacturer: Menu A/S

Part of the table’s circular top is folded upward so it rests flush against a vertical surface. This means that the Yeh Wall Table only requires two legs to stand up.

The YEH Wall Table is the perfect place to rest books, magazines, flowerpots, table lamps, small objects, or even your afternoon coffee. Use it in the hallway, as your new bed table, besides the sofa, or as a clever graphical element in your living room.

Inspiration from designer:

I was walking to my studio and passed a school where two students were practising balance and strength for their cheerleading routines. The guy was with his back resting against the wall, in a sitting position without a chair, while the girl was standing on his thighs with her arms stretched out