White Wolf Farm in Penafiel by AND-RÉ

The White Wolf Farm in Paço de Sousa , Penafiel, is a hotel & housing ​​of rural tourism and welfare that inaugurated on August 2013.

The farm consist of five white houses shaped haystack, three are private dwellings and another is the Zendo space, where they perform various activities such as meditation , yoga , dance , etc. .

Architects: AND-RÉ
Location: Penafiel, Portugal
Photography: João Soares

The farm was founded by three families, group of young people who have left their jobs and busy lives to devote themselves to the dream of having a more quiet life in community and harmony with nature.

Inspiration from architect:

A series of buildings intimately related with the surrounding rich natural environment. The built architecture is a realization of the holistic intentions and alternative way of life of the clients. The architecture object, profoundly integrated in the natural context, provide a powerfull spiritual experience of calm, intimacy, meditation and retreat.