White Attic by Diogo Passarinho + Duarte Caldas

Located in the center of Lisbon city, the White Attic is a two-story space conceived as a sleeping area and a photo studio for fashion blogger Ana Freitas.

Architects: Diogo Passarinho, Duarte Caldas
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Photography: Courtesy of More is better

Designed by two young Portuguese architects, Diogo Passarinho and Duarte Caldas first residential project is for a young couple with two babies.

The new ceiling exposes the existing wooden beam structure and three new skylights bring daylight and views.

Inspiration from architect:

White wooden steps appear at end of an internal existing corridor, leading up to the a new hermetic space. Along the staircase he wanted a storage and display area for his favorite skateboards, while once reaching the new level she asked for a space where she would feel comfortable running her online women accessorize business.