Villa Asserbo by Eentileen + Facit Homes

Situated in the forest north of copenhagen, the Villa Asserbo is a single-storey vacation home that looks like an ordinary wooden building, in fact, it is sustainable, prefab dwelling, and it was the Denmark’s first Digitally fabricated housing.

Architects: Eentileen
Location: Asserbo, Denmark
Manufacturer: Facit Homes

Designed by Danish architecture firm Entileen in close collaboration with London-based construction company Facit Homes, this 120 sqm house formed by 400 building components that transformed from 800 plates Nordic plywood, All of the components are manufactured to 0.2mm accuracy with specially design self locating parts which are assembled by hand, simply and quickly.

The architecture is defined by a series of angles pitches and covered verandas, making the most of natural light and views through the woods. A simple wood burning stove provides enough heat and a new type of heat recovering window that provides fresh air.