Vase with Stone by Martín Azúa

Created by Basque designer Martín Azúa in collaboration with the ceramist Marc Vidal, the Vase with Stone is a series of artsy vases made of white clay with Cholera stones from the Costa Brava of Catalonia.

The stones are unique objects that somehow remind us of a landscape. The vases interact with the stone in its plastic phase in order to create a unique vase.

This project follows a work that Martín Azúa started in 1998 when he left porous ceramic vases in a river to capture the Natural Stain.

The vases are made in a very porous ceramic material that allows water to filter; they are not conceived to hold flowers, but as beautiful items themselves.

Inspiration from designer: Martín Azúa

A clay vase deformed by the weight of a stone. Craftsmanship and nature converge in one object without artifice where materials and craftsman gesture are equally honest. The project shows the beauty of objects of unrefined appearance.