Tricycle House by PAO+PIDO

Tricycle House by PAO + PIDO

Under the theme “The Peoples Future” for the 2012 Get It Louder Exhibition in Beijing, the Tricycle House is a tiny mobile home that built on a simple tricycle. Beijing-Based design team People’s Architecture Office and People’s Industrial Design Office have created a compromise solution for China’s urban residents.

Architects: PAO + PIDO
Location: Beijing, China
Photographs: Courtesy of PAO + PIDO

Made with folded plastic, the house can open up to the outside, expand like an accordion for more space, and connect to other houses. The house is man-powered and operates off-the-grid, the interior to be lit by the sun during the day or street lamps at night.

Facilities in the house include a sink and stove, a bathtub, a water tank, and furniture that can transform from a bed to a dining table to a counter top. The sink, stove, and bathtub can collapse into the front wall of the house.

A plurality of bicycle houses can be combined into a Tricycle Garden, which can be planted with not only grass but trees and vegetables.

Inspiration from architects:

Private ownership of land in China does not exist, and The Tricycle House suggests a future embrace of the temporary relationship between people and the land they occupy.