San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge in Italy

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge is a luxury chalet located in San Lorenzo di Sebato, Italy.

Overlooking the town of Brunico and the Plan de Corones mountain with a breathtaking view, and surrounded by farmland (all of the food is locally sourced), the Lodge is not a hotel, more like a Xanadu.

There are just four bedrooms and only accommodates 10 guests at the maximum, both antique and modern, understated luxury!

Mountain Lodge San Lorenzo Snow

Mountain Lodge San Lorenzo di Sebato

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San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge Hotel 15

Mountain Lodge San Lorenzo bathroom

Formerly is a hunting lodge built in sixteenth century, San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge owned and renovated by Stefano and Giorgia, a pair of fashionistas. They first bought as a holiday house before deciding to quit their jobs in the fashion industry, and move to the Italian countryside with their three children.

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